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how to rock your engagement shoot

and why you should do one

Firstly,  why should you do an Engagement Shoot I hear you ask?

Well, most of my couples are not professional models who can churn out great natural poses all day long in the blink of an eye. They are normal people and a little bit nervous about the prospect of having a camera or two pointed at them for 8h on their wedding day.

So having an Engagement Shoot is the perfect way to get used to being photographed. 

Engagement Shoots are also an opportunity to get photographs for a signing frame for the wedding. It’s a great keep sake and most of your guests will leave lovely messages on it. 

Finally, you get to have photos of the two of you in amazing locations that you would not go to on your wedding day.

Now that you know why you should have an Engagement Shoot, let’s look at how you get the best out of it.

If you have picked your photographer,  talk to her/him about doing and find out how he/she proceed. Everyone is a little bit different. 

Some use a lot of props and create a story out of the shoot. Others, like myself, choose to concentrate on the emotions, the landscapes and the experience the couple will have.

A key aspect of the Engagement Shoot is the location. What do you like and what are you close to? Be realistic though,  I’d love to photograph in a Norwegian Fjord but it’s a bit far. 


The time of the day will also have an influence on how your photos look. Unlike a wedding, you can and should choose the time of your shoot.

The Golden Hour is 2h before sunset or 2h after sunrise. The light will be softer which means no harsh shadows under your eyes.

Always wear appropriate clothing, I know it sounds obvious but I once had a couple who turned up in a smart casual outfit for a shoot in a forest. Heels and short dress were a problem. You need to feel comfortable too, if your location involves a bit of walking or even hiking bring your “shoot” shoes in a bag or if you wish bring bring your outfit in a bag and change at the location. And if there is water and you might want to get your feet (or more) wet, bring a change of clothes and a towel.


    Have you got a date for your wedding?

    Preferred shoot location:


    There you have it. You now know how  to rock your Engagement Shoot. 

    If you haven’t one organised yet, why not book one with me? If you like the result and book me for your wedding the cost of the shoot is refunded!

    Get in touch and let’s rock your Engagement Shoot!!