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First Look

how to get great photographs without pressure

Like most things in our global world, the USA seems to be exporting trends all over the world.

The First Look is no exception.  For once, it’s a brilliant trend, Trash the Dress was never a favourite of mines but I do love the First Look idea.

The tradition is that the groom doesn’t see his bride until the Church ceremony but many couples have a more open view about traditions. My own opinion is that doing a First Look is an extremely romantic thing to do. Picture this, it’s just you and your life partner, no family no guests, no pressure to be a certain way. You pick a secluded spot not far from your ceremony and you just meet. Let me tell you that at that moment, you will not think about the photographer snapping away because your mind will be focused on one thing and one thing only. Your future husband/wife.

This makes your photoshoot a lot more exciting and fun and you will be really natural images.

After the First Look, you can go on to get married in a very relaxed manner. Another upside is that your photoshoot is already done, time saved to enjoy the drinks reception, win-win situation!

So say YES to the First Look!