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Time waits for no one. One minute they are babies messing up the kitchen, the next you put a school uniform on them. Before you know it, they have their driving licence and head off into the world to make their mark. 

Photos have an amazing power to bring us back to the past, memories sadly fade away with time but professionally printed photographs dont and with them you can re-live these moments that gave you so much joy.

“The best thing about a picture is that it never changes, even when the people in it do.”
Andy Warhol

Lifestyle Portraits

Lifestyle Portraits are brilliant for so many reasons. The kids will loved as they will not get bored as quickly as in a studio style session. The idea behind a Lifestyle Portrait session is to get images that are a lot more natural and full of live.

It is more likely to get smiles from a child who is having fun that from one who is bored silly sitting on a backdrop with lights flashing all over the place.

I would recommend these sessions for small kids who can sit and kids who are very active. Prices start from €200.

Studio style Portraits

Studio Style sessions are more suited for newborn or older children who can take a bit more direction and will stay focused long enough to capture great portraits. I can come to your home and set up  my mobile studio, therefore minimising the disruption to their routine.

Prices start from €200.

special occasions

Nowadays, families are scattered all over the world. With siblings living in Australia, Canada and The US, it is all the more important to record the time when the family is reunited. Christmas is often a prefect time for that but also a special anniversary or birthday.

If you are having a lunch or dinner in a Hotel then this is the perfect place to have the photo session. Prices start from €300.


digital | prints | frames | mounts

Great photographs should not cost the earth.

That’s why, I make it affordable with packages starting at just €200.

All the packages include 5 digital copies of your images. Of course, you can add more if you  like.

We also offer frames and mounts. With hundreds of styles available, it is best to discuss your preferences together.

So don’t wait until they’re all grown up, contact me today to chat about your next photo session !

    If you have a fixed date for the event, let us know.